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Company has been in business since 2009

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TFC (The Freeway Connection) & PHP (People Helping People)
Where Team Building has never been so much fun

One Company with Multiple Packages means YOU’RE Earning On Both Sides Of The Table

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Imagine Earning Over
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Sound too good to be true?  It’s not – all you need to do is FOLLOW THE STEPS!

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.Referral Marketing is a business development opportunity for individuals to create a business of their own , by building a network of distributors through which a company’s products or services makes it’s way to the consumer.


Profits are established from commissions on the individual’s personal sales as well as bonus commissions earned from the sales volume of distributors in their personal downline.


Referral Marketing blended with our Follow the Steps system offers an opportunity to LEVERAGE your personal resources of time , money and efforts through the time, money and efforts of others.


Consider the advice given by one of the richest men in the world J Paul Getty, who once said, “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 men than 100% of myself.”


This is what Leverage is all about and with the Follow The Steps system , you can experience for yourself what J Paul Getty was talking about. There is not many companies in the market place that make it possible for you to earn HOME RUN MONEY from such a small one time out of pocket product purchase.

It’s all about Leverage, Duplication and team building BUT when you blend in momentum and the multiplication factor we call geometric progression AND the fact that this opportunity is simple and affordable and it works like a charm and to think that that you can earn multiple weekly commissions and multiple monthly commissions simply by sharing this “Follow The Steps” system. 

We invite you to team up with us and continue to scroll on down the page (there’s more good stuff)

You will be amazed at where you can take your income when you make the decision to partner with a group of entrepreneurs from all walks of life.  A group that has years and years of experience marketing and helping people change their finances in a hurry.


If you lost everything you had tomorrow and you only had a few months to rebuild your financial future and you had little or no money, Could you do it?



YOU BET YOU CAN and we’ll ride along side of you making sure you avoid all the bumps along the way.

It’s All About 3 Helping 3 Helping 3

It’s All About A Team of 39


Just how do we Build A Team Of 39?


You can start with 3 friends or neighbors and help them bring 3 friends or neighbors to the team OR You can categorize.  Which is just as simple as it sounds. 


You help 3 people help 3 people in various categories such as; insurance reps, truck drivers, flea market vendors, waitresses, and on and on.  It’s just that simple – keep moving forward as you help 3 people help 3 people.  We know a member that once helped more than one thousand conv store owner/managers join the team.


A Team of 39 with a Team of 39 takes your income to a whole new level.


You will soon agree, THIS IS LEVERAGE AT IT’S BEST!

Let’s Get Started On Your Road To Financial Independence


Get Started At 2by2ForYou For $25 One-Time Product Purchase

Weekly Checks

Automatic Re-Entry To Earn Over and Over and Over Again

Start with Phase 1 and as you get into profit upgrade to Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 where you can earn $840 over and over again.

Click the Button Below To Start Earning Weekly

Join a Terrific Team by Clicking the Button Above

As you share the products and Build Your Team of 39, use your profits to take advantage of leverage and duplication. Use Your Profits from your first cycle at 2by2ForYou to purchase your People Helping People Worldwide product.  In other words, you take $50 from your profit of your $60 cycle and purchase PHP (People Helping People) Package.  You are now earning on both sides of the table.

$50 One-Time Product Purchase

Save Money On All Your Travel Needs

You Choose The Charity You Want Us To Make Donation To On Your Behalf.

Weekly Checks – Automatic Upgrade To Next Tier

The Journey is Just Beginning – Click Button Now

Earning Money On Both Sides Of The Table With One Team Just Makes Good Sense!

Continue Using The Power Of Leverage and Duplication


We are absolutely confident that you will be convinced that there is no better way to accomplish your goals and no better way to make your dreams come true.  There is no other company in the market place that has combined such a simple and affordable way for you to earn the commissions and overrides as there is with this opportunity.


Many of our members in this “Winning Combination” have over 40 years of experience in this industry and they all agree that they have never seen such a powerful compensation package.

Start Earning Monthly Residual Income by Using Your Profits from your Phase 1 cycles to purchase your Iguana Biz Package

$53 to get started using profits of $60 from one of the cycles at 2by2ForYou, then $33 Per Month that is Taken From Commissions When In Profit.

Super Simple 3×3 – Only 39 People = $510 Per Month PLUS Awesome Product Package To Save You Money

Now Use Your Profits from another Phase 1 cycles to purchase your 2by2ForYou Phase 2 Travel Package

Just log into your back office at 2by2ForYou to use your profits and purchase your Phase 2 Product.  It’s that simple.

This Product Package has 2 of the best travel consolidators around.  You can save money on all your travel needs, including 7 night vacations at resorts around the world for only $100 per week.

The Team of 39 is creating multiple cycles by following the steps in Phase 1 and Phase 2, where you are now earning $130 over and over again plus automatic re-entries into both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Product Packages Designed To Save You Money

Look What Just Happened With A Team Of 39 and 2 Steps

You got started with $25 one-time product purchase at 2by2ForYou


You built your Team of 39 by helping 3 people help 3 people help 3 people.  This created 6 cycles which gives you 6 commissions of $60 for a total of $360.00  PLUS no cost re-entries so that you can do it again and again and again.


You used $50 from one of the $60 commissions and purchased your product at People Helping People Worldwide, giving you savings on all your travel needs AND an additional income stream.  You earn $240 at People Helping People Worldwide.



Let’s take a look at Step 2


You continued to build your Team of 39 (3 helping 3 helping 3)


You took $53 from one of the $60 commissions and purchased the Iguana Biz Product Package and almost instantly, because of the Team of 39, you are earning $510 month after month after month


We think that it is important to remind you that the PHP purchase and the Iguana Biz purchase came from profits in Step 1.


Step 2 just keeps getting better . . .  You purchased the Phase 2 Product Package at 2by2foryou using $50 from one of your $60 commissions.  By the way – what a terrific travel package in Alabama Wholesale Travel, but to make Step 2 even better, we threw in Blue Moon Travel.   Now with your team of 39, you cycled 6 times giving you a total commission of $780.00 at 2by2foryou in Phase 2. 


Bottom Line – Following The Steps Just Makes Sense


$360 + $240 + $510 + 780 =  $1,890.00 
With A Team Of 39 (3 helping 3 helping 3)

and it all started with $25 One-Time Product Purchase

Success Is a Journey – Not A Destination

Step 1 and Step 2 puts you on the road to financial freedom AND there is no better “Success Story” in the making than completing Step 3.  Just think about it . . .


Leveraging $25 into a monthly income of more than $4,300 PLUS weekly checks of $60 and $130 and $250 AND People Helping People checks of $40 and $200 and $4,000.  Take a look at what you have at your finger tips.


Use Profits to Leverage Your Way to a Substantial Monthly Income

$81 to get started, then $37 Per Month

3 Product Packages – 3 Compensation Plans – 3 Monthly Checks

Freeway To Success

$15 to get started then $5 per month

Start at Basic Level and Follow The Steps with 2 Upgrades

Wide assortment of e-books and so much more

Recipes 4 Your Success

$30 to get started then $20 per month.

Get into profit fast with simple 4×4 Forced Matrix with only 340 people

Earn while you Learn with Educational Videos

The 1 Dollar Thing

$36 to get started, then $12 per month.

Earn Both Basic and Emerald Level Commissions with your Team of 39 with Team of 39

Subscription to The Small Business Magazine.

Get Started in TFC Tri-Pack and Start Earning 3 Monthly Checks by Clicking Each Button Above!


Now Use Your Profits from Phase 2 cycles to purchase your 2by2ForYou Phase 3 Health and Nutrition Digital Newspaper

Just log into your back office at 2by2ForYou to use your profits and purchase your Phase 3 Product.  It’s that simple.

This Product Package gives you the latest news with regards to Health and Nutrition.  The news is updated every 30 minutes from sources around the world.

The Team of 39 is creating multiple cycles by following the steps in Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3, where you are now earning $60, $130, and $250 over and over again plus automatic re-entries into Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.


The Other Side of the Table (PHP) is growing strong.  Take a look at what has happened when you and your team Follow The Steps

Look what happened!  Your Team of 39 with their Team of 39 and you have completed Tier 3.  You have just earned $4,000 PLUS an automatic upgrade to Tier 4 AND the company has sent $200 to the charity of YOUR CHOICE.  It’s a Win-Win-Win!

One of the favorite things about PHP, you can choose the soup kitchen down the street, your church, the homeless shelter in your community, etc.; it’s your choice where you direct the company to send your donation dollars.

Step 3 Gives You Multiple Weekly Checks AND Multiple Monthly Checks All With The Same Team of 39 and Their Team of 39

Do You See The Big Picture?

Of course you do – I think you will agree that Step 1 and Step 2 is not only very simple but very doable.


AND THEN, at Step 3 your team starts to come together and your weekly income and your monthly income soars to a new level.


In the words of many of our members, “The Follow The Steps game plan is Very Simple, Very Affordable and Very Doable.”






Use Your Profits and Upgrade to take your income to a new level.
Same Team using the Power of Leverage and Duplication.

PLUS Earn 100% Matching Overrides

Just log into your back office and use your profits of $86 to upgrade to Phase 2, then $66 Per Month that is Taken From Commissions When In Profit.

Earn $510 PLUS 100% Matching Override Commissions on anyone you personally sponsored.

The Sky is the Limit.  No matter where someone you personally sponsored, you earn 100% Matching Override Commissions.  In other words, if you personally sponsor someone that falls on your 5th level, you would still earn 100% of what they earn.

Awesome Product Package to save you money on all your purchases 24/7, including Travel.

Share Iguana Biz with everyone you know.  Earn Phase 1 Commissions of $510 for a Team of 39, then you and your team of 39 upgrade to Phase 2 and earn $510 PLUS 100% Match on anyone you personally share Iguana Biz with.  You decide how much your 100% Match will be each and every month.

Just log into your back office at Freeway To Success and The 1 Dollar Thing and take your income to a new level.  Using your profits and the same team, you can leverage your income from $730 to $2,770 at Freeway To Success and from $1,769 to $7,229 at The 1 Dollar Thing, not to mention some great products that you can use day after day, week after week, month after month.

Now Use Your Profits from Phase 3 cycles to purchase your 2by2ForYou Phase 4 Executive Edition of the Digital Newspaper.

Just log into your back office at 2by2ForYou to use your profits and purchase your Phase 4 Product.  It’s that simple.

Keep up to date with the latest news with this product package.  The news is updated every 30 minutes from sources around the world.

The Team of 39 is creating multiple cycles by following the steps in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4, where you are now earning $400 over and over again plus automatic re-entries into Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4.

Step 4 is Amazing.  You and your team are well into profit and all you did was upgrade using your Profits.

How many people have you personally sponsored to earn the 100% Matching Overrides?

Think about this . . .  Let’s say you shared Iguana Biz Phase 2 with 3 people and they are earning $510 . . . Guess what?  That is an additional $1,530 Monthly Residual Income For You.  What if you shared with 10 or 20 or 50 or 100?  We will let you do the math on that, but YOU are in control – The Sky Is The Limit!  Don’t forget to add this to your total monthly income of $12,379.00!


Icing On The Cake

Step 4 is pretty exciting.  You and your team upgraded to take your income from $4,000 a month to $12,000 a month, in addition to weekly checks AND those awesome monthly 100% matching override commissions.  But it just keeps getting better and better.


Step 5 is obviously the icing on the cake.  You know that in Step 1 and Step 2 and Step 3 you have probably built a larger team and earned more money in those 3 steps than you have in any other company, in all of your past endeavors and now in Step 5 you weekly checks and your monthly checks continue to grow as work your way to Step 6. 




One Little Upgrade and You are Maximizing Your Earning Potential

Just log into your back office at Freeway To Success and upgrade to the Platinum Level using your profits.

You will have access to The Platinum Buyers Club where you can enjoy saving money on all those big ticket items.

Total Monthly Autoship for Basic, Gold and Platinum is $75, which is taken from commissions.

Step 5 Is All About Using The Power Of Leverage And Duplication


Everything Under One Umbrella

Follow The Steps gives you everything you need to build a substantial income from the comfort of your home and it is all under one umbrella.  As you can see, by taking this incredible journey, you have the ability to take your income to a whole new level.  The Freeway Connection and People Helping People gives you the Perfect Price Point, the Perfect Opportunity, and the Perfect Products.  When you put them together, along with Leverage and Duplication, your business will soar.


Everything kicks in at Step 6.  By  this time you have built quite a team that has been following your lead all while saving money on all your purchases and earning a substantial weekly income and a substantial monthly income.




You’ve Reached Your Goal and What A Journey It has Been
Check Out All 6 Income Streams You’ve Accumulated!

You and your team have followed the steps and now just by 3 helping 3 helping 3, building teams of 39 you are now earning commissions on Level 5 at Freeway To Success and you have earned Tier 4 commissions at People Helping People Worldwide.  You are one step closer to Tier 5 and it is definitely doable as you and your team continue sharing this opportunity with others.

We’ve mentioned a Team of 39 numerous times throughout this information site. With that in mind . . . Just how do you build a Team of 39?



Friends or family members are a good start, also people looking for extra income and College Students. Senior Citizens are looking for ways to subsidize their income. AARP says there are only 76 million of them and then don’t forget Business Owners. They are always looking for ways to bring in an additional income to help with their current business cost.


AND then we help them help 3 people and before you know it you have a Team of 39!

Multiple Income Streams
Multiple Product Packages
And The Power Of Leverage
Have All Come Together In Step 6

The Yellow Brick Road is Paved with Awesome Income Opportunities and It All Starts with $25


In Closing . . . Just a Few Thoughts

It’s an honor to bring you such a terrific opportunity.

Earning Money On Both Sides Of The Table Just Makes Sense.

Being able to use Leverage through a $25 Product Purchase at Step 1 and a Team of 39 which puts you into profit so that you are earning multiple Phase 1 commissions at gives everyone a very Simple, Affordable and Doable Opportunity.

Our Follow The Step Game Plan gives every member the ability to capitalize on Geometric Progression and Duplication like no other company in this industry.  As you go from step to step earning larger commissions from more sales plus earning more commissions as your team grows through the duplication process and as you take advantage of the different product packages all wrapped within different matrices, members are able to take advantage of the Power!



It’s time to get started on your path and Let’s Make This Year Your Best Year Yet




You’ve Got Everything To Gain
And Nothing To Lose

Get started by purchasing your product package for a ONE-TIME cost of $25 at 2by2ForYou, then take advantage of an awesome way to earn an additional income and use as a tool to build your business.

Give $20 – Get $20.  Share this little debit card and when they activate their card, they get $20 added to the card AND you would get $20 added to your card.  You can share this with as many people as you want.

No Matter What You do . . . Click On The Button Above To Get Your $20.00!

Rediscover Your Dreams


Walt Disney said,  “All our Dreams can come true if only we have the courage to pursue them.”


More Millionaires have been made over the past several years through the
Referral Marketing industry than through any other industry.


The only obstacle that stands between you and a lifetime of residual income is
Belief  and Commitment.


You have to believe that you can do it.

You have to make a commitment to stay in the game.


To make major changes in your finances . . .

To make your dreams and your goals come true . . .

You need a terrific vehicle  AND  a terrific game plan.



We Are Building Success Stories

It’s Time To Write Your Story!

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